Console pricing – how low can we go?

As someone who grew up in the eighties, I remember fondly the introduction of the Compact Disc.  Impossibly cool-looking, shiny discs, each apparently indestructible and capable of playing Dire Straits at unrivalled quality.  A few failed audio and video formats later, DVD came along and did the same thing for video.

All that time, the message, from the manufacturers, to the media, to the man in the hi-fi shop was “if it sounds better, it is better”.  And we listened to that message; and we heard that it was good.

But things started to change in the late nineties.  MP3 players didn’t sound better.  And once Apple married a cool, intuitive MP3 player was to a vast, convenient digital store, the music world changed forever.  Convenience beat fidelity.
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Gamification, Exploitationware or Cowclickivism* : Where is it all heading?

* Article Wired Magazine, Jan 2012, by Jason Tanz (

My issue with all of these words is that they are more about the buzz and media hype that they generate than a real understanding of what is actually going on and where it will lead us.

As Marshall McLuhan put it so succinctly “anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn’t know the first thing about either”. From painful experience gained, I wholeheartedly agree with McLuhan. Taking this a little further and unpacking this statement it reveals two profound truths:

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